Remedial Massage

Kerry Lawrence

Kerry, Shona, Belinda, Joanne, John and Bruce

Kerry Lawrence
Remedial Therapist

Kerry Lawrence is a highly respected expert in the field of Remedial Massage. She is a longstanding practitioner of 27 years who uses her extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in remedial therapy to provide quality treatments for her clients.

Kerry is the Senior Massage Therapist with the Wollongong Hawks National Basketball Team. Has taught Remedial and Oriental massage at TAFE and also organises workshops for leading educators, which are held at All Natural Therapies.

Kerry and the team treat a wide range of injuries, conditions and illnesses specialising in pain and stress management, rehabilitation, athletic/sports management relaxation, women’s health, breast cancer support, lymphatic drainage, Lymphodema support and pre and post natal care.

Prompt and reliable care is provided by Kerry Lawrence and the Team six days a week.

Our practitioners are all registered with relevant Professional Associations
and are covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.